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2008-06-25 15:23:12 by HarleyX13

ok now im just getting pissed off at my computer this is the first time in months i have been able to go on because of a bunch of stuff my sister keeps downloading on to my computer.(**** trojjan downloads) but this is only a set back for about five months so while i work things out maby you can watch some of flashashes submisions. some are ok like vexor cube but others kinda stink anyway i will get these problems fixed as soon as possible


2008-05-01 18:10:55 by HarleyX13

i will make my flashes better than they are now and i know that is 100% possible but i will send it to my friend(as i do not have a mic)to voice act it for me

Distant Horizon

2008-03-03 18:31:46 by HarleyX13

It is a NEW project for a NOOB to flash so expect some crappyness and stick figure trailer is mine but theother one is my friends. you can also give that a crappy review also but i would apreciate it if you didnt leave complete 0 reviews because you gotta admit that music does set some good mood for it since it has something do do with Zombies and I am probably going to grow this out as long as i can i am now working on the real thing but it's not going to have much movement so once again, expect some crappieness.

P. S. feel free to view my friend and mines site and we do review some games there so we want you to leave comments along with your own rating so please do that